About Us

Educational Model

The European Academy of Nursing supports you with the necessary education and training through the most modern 3-year bachelor’s program specializing in Medical Assistant Generalist.

The educational model and the curriculum are developed in partnership with Coventry University, at the initiative of the REGINA MARIA Health Network.

The entire undergraduate program is identical to the one followed by nurses in the UK to get this qualification, in the NHS (National Health Service, the state healthcare system in the United Kingdom).

The courses in the curriculum are conducted to international standards, in English language. In addition, they are adapted to the current challenges of the nursing profession.

Program: https://nursing-academy.eu/cursuri-2020-2023/

The European Academy of Nursing combines practical and experiential learning to help you build a career in your first year of study.

  • You learn medical techniques with specialists and experts from Great Britain and Romania
  • Practice in the simulators in the training centre
  • You work with real patients in the half-yearly clinical stage
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