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Nursing Role

The career of a nurse is in the top 3 most demanded on the labour market in the future*.

In Romania, over 132,000 people work as nurses.

*according to a study by Inc.com

Benefits of being a nurse:

  • Nurses coordinate comprehensive care of patients and ensure their progress in treatment;
  • The impact they have is major, as they provide patients with both physical and emotional support;
  • As a nurse you get to practice twice as fast as if you choose a bachelor’s degree in medicine;
  • Nursing careers are one of the only areas in which lifelong learning plays a key role. This way, you will never stagnate, and you will never get bored;
  • International Council of Nurses (ICN) and the World Health Organization (WHO) state that nurses are the most abundant human resource in the health system;
  • 84% of the population consider that nurses have high or very high ethical standards. Also, the job of nurse ranks third in the top of the most respected fields of work, according to the Varkey Foundation.