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Nursing Role

The nurse career is in the top 3 most demanded in the labor market in the future *. In Romania, over 132,000 people work as nurses.

  • The nurses coordinate the complete care of the patients and ensure their progress regarding the treatment;
  • The impact that they have in a modern hospital is one of the most important, as they offer patients both physical and emotional support;
  • As a nurse you get to practice twice as fast as if you choose a medical degree program.*

*according to a study by Inc.com

„The most beautiful experience was when I put on cardiotocograph for the first time and heard the beats of the fetal heart.”

Ana-Maria Gălăureac, Ambulatory Medical Assistant, Băneasa Maternity

„Being a nurse in the REGINA MARIA Network is a challenge, you have to learn continuously in order to rise to the highest standards. It is a bonded team, which has taught me a lot to practice what I am learning.”

Andreea Cristina Florea, Medical Assistant Clinical Floreasca

„The most beautiful experience is when you receive gratitude from people, when you see that you can help them, that you can do something for them.”

Andreea Manea, Medical Oncology Assistant, Regina Maria Euroclinic Hospital
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