Choose a career that doesn’t expire!

Nursing is in top 3 best careers for the future.

When you ask yourself what are the best work areas for the future, two aspects are crucial: they must include well-paid jobs that will expand dramatically in the next decade. It seems that the healthcare field ticks both.

Internationally, according to Business Insider, medical careers will be among the most sought after in the next 10 years. In top 15 are jobs such as: physical therapist, surgeon and nurse. The nursing profession is in first place, with an estimated 437,000 new positions by 2026 in the U.S. and an average annual salary of 74,000 euros, according to the analysis conducted by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

They also state that, out of the top 30 occupations with the fastest growth rate, 18 are in the healthcare field. Among the reasons for this increase are: the increase in the number of chronically ill, the increase in life expectancy and, correlated with this, population ageing.

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