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Student benefits

If you choose to be a student at the European Nursing Academy, you should know that the 3 years of school will be a mix between practical learning with international teachers and experts and building a career from the first weeks of study.

Among the benefits you will enjoy:

Practical school, from the first semester

  • 6 weeks of each semester are spent in hospitals or clinics in the REGINA MARIA Network. This means that half of each semester will be practical;
  • Each module of practice is rated with academic credits, and the final evaluations are part of the total grade of the study year;
  • You have the chance to discover 6 hospitals, 44 polyclinics, 3 maternity hospitals, 23 imaging centers and 35 medical laboratories, in just 3 years;
  • In total, you can explore over 15 medical departments and 45 specializations. Thus, it will be easier for you to find out in which one you want to work after completing your studies;
  • You will have 1 to 1 mentoring with experienced nurses. Each mentor will work with up to 2 junior nurses at a time. It is a practical and participatory learning process;

Experiential learning. Test and simulate, in modern training centers

  • You can apply what you have studied in simulation centers with high fidelity mannequins and medical equipment dedicated to learning;
  • Video-assisted simulation equipment;
  • Training centers equipped with simulators and devices that replicate the experience of working with patients;
  • Workshops rooms;
  • Library made available to students;
  • Learning and relaxation spaces for students;
  • Over 25% of the time spent in studies is spent in simulation centers.

International experience

  • During the 3 years you can choose to do a 3 months internship in the UK;
  • You can choose to attend courses with students from British universities, practice in NHS hospitals and take part in workshops in the most modern training center dedicated to students;
  • All the academic credits and the final evaluation of the semester are automatically equivalent to the modules of studies and practice in Romania.

You can have a part-time job in the REGINA MARIA Medical Network from the first week of school

  • As a student of the European Nursing Academy, you can have a part-time job during your studies from the first week of school, in one of the hospitals and clinics of the REGINA MARIA Network;
  • The jobs are related to the medical field and your future career (help for nurses or medical staff, call center medical) and you have a flexible schedule;
  • You earn money. This way, you can sustain yourself throughout the studies without worry;
  • You meet the medical staff and colleagues you can get to work with later.

You are supported to become a student

  • The European Nursing Academy offers you the opportunity to take an intensive English course, in case you need additional training before starting school. The course lasts 5 weeks and will take place in the summer of 2020, between the Baccalaureate exam and the beginning of the academic year (October);
  • Do get support regarding accommodation and moving to Bucharest;
  • You can attend meetings with other admitted students where you can make friends and meet possible room-mates;
  • You receive recommendations for accommodation solutions from verified partners.

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