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Student Benefits

The private medical network having the best doctors in Romania and the best medical services is the founder of a 3-year bachelor’s program that combines practical learning with international teachers and experts in building a guaranteed career in healthcare.

Among the benefits you will enjoy as a student of the European Academy of Nursing are:

  • In the most modern University Campus dedicated to medical services in Romania;
  • 6 weeks of each semester spent in hospital wards or in clinics in REGINA MARIA Network.
  • The practice modules are quoted with academic credits;
  • Discover over 15 sections and over 45 specializations, in just 3 years of faculty.
  • You are mentored 1 to 1 with the best specialists from REGINA MARIA Health Network.
  • As student of the Academy you can have a part-time job during your studies from the first week of school in one of the hospitals and clinics in the REGINA MARIA Network;
  • Jobs are related to the medical field and to your future career (help for nurses or medical staff, medical call centre) and have a flexible schedule.
  • You make money. This way you can support yourself throughout your studies without worries.
  • You meet the medical staff and colleagues you can work with later.
  • The European Academy of Nursing offers you the opportunity to take an intensive English course in case you need additional training before starting school.
  • You can participate in meetings with other admitted students where you can make friends and colleagues.
  • You get recommendations for accommodation solutions from verified partners.
  • You have learning and relaxation spaces for students.

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