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Taxa de studii include accesul la cursurile, spațiile de învățare și la experții Academiei Europene pentru AsistențiTuition fee includes access to courses, learning spaces and experts from the European Academy of Nursing Medicali.

6,000 € / year during the 3 years of studies

The application for funding sources will be received by applicants along with the Conditional Offer, only after successfully completing the admission interview. To complete and send the application for financing, you have 14 days, and you will receive the answer by e-mail within 10 -14 working days.

You can end up paying nothing for 3 years, until you finish your studies!

The performance scholarship

Is 1,500 EUR / year and is obtained according to the admission score.

The social scholarship

Is 2,500 EUR / year and is obtained based on certificates from the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) to prove the family income that does not exceed 2,000 lei net per month.

The REGINA MARIA special scholarship

If you want to work at the REGINA MARIA Network for 3 years after graduation, you will receive a special scholarship from the company in amount 1,600 EUR.

FINS educational loans

Specially created for the students of the Academy.

YOU HAVE TO PAY BETWEEN € 400 and € 2,900 / year

which you can get through:

FINS educational loans specially created for the students of the Academy. You have access to a loan designed for this study program, and you will return the money only after graduating from college, in a maximum period of 5 years. Details about this type of educational credit on

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