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What can you do after graduation?

After the three years of college, you will have more opportunities and you will be much better prepared than your colleagues in the industry because:

You work from the first day of college with specialists and experts from the REGINA MARIA Health Network.

You already have 3 years of experience in which you have tested over 15 sections and over 45 specializations.

You have access to jobs abroad much easier, without needing to recognise them, with an internationally accredited diploma.

You have practical skills, developed, and systematically tested in the most modern training centre in Romania.

You are connected to a rich network of medical specialists in Romania and abroad.

In addition, you have a guaranteed job in the REGINA MARIA Network after graduating from the bachelor’s program in one of the most modern hospitals in the REGINA MARIA Health Network, a founding member of the European Academy of Nursing.

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